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    Cool Electronic Gadgets

    Saturday, December 26, 2009

    New Cool Electronic Gadgets

    Thursday, December 24, 2009

    LED Sofa

    LEDs are best advertising material, we make different kind of cool electronic gadgets through LEDsand also use for different lighting projects. The LED SOFA is a another best fashionable project of develpers. This LED SOFA is look like a iglo, and also when we see that it look like a group of Ice Cubs. It is realy imazing, very comfortable and reiliable also…Enjoy that new cool electronic gadget..

    Wednesday, December 23, 2009

    E Ball Computer

    We know that there are a lot of computer designs availble in the market. But Apostol Tnokovski has designed a new Computer, they design a new Computer concept which is in a round shaped. The size of computer is just only 6 inch, Computer name is called the E-Ball PC.

    The E Ball Computer is a smallest computer ever in the world. The computer is consists of projected keyboard and projected display. PC used the Infrared sensor to recognize where you typing.

    The E Ball featured are:

    • Dual Core Processor
    • 500GB Hard Disk
    • 2GB RAM
    • Graphic Card
    • Sound Card
    • Speakers
    • HD DVD Recorder
    • Wireless Optical Mouse
    • Laser Keyboard
    • Internet
    • Webcam
    • LCD Projector

    Gothic PC Computer

    There are a lot of brand names computers in the markets, which have different styles and varities. But now a days “Gothic PC Computer” is a another new stylish computer available in the unique markets.

    The stylish body of LCD display, Computing Keyboard, Optical Mouse are designed by metal, It is actually targeted for computer games fans.

    The Main Featured are that :
    • Stylish LCD Display
    • Dual Core Processor
    • 2 Giga Bytes DDR-2 RAM
    • Internet
    • NVIDIA GeForce 8400GS 512MB Display Card.

    Tuesday, December 22, 2009

    LED Watch Table

    In whole life you used a lot of different kind of tables, such as woods, plastics, metals and so on..But you did not used that kind of table which we introducing here, which is LED Watch Table.

    LED Watch Table is the world’s first watch table ever which is most beautiful. The table has been precision engineered in different materials such as steel, glass, acrylic and flock lining for the drawer interiors.

    Table equipped with ultra slim utility drawers and progammable LED clock. Seconds and date viewed with touch buttons. Clock time or message just displayed is 8 letter max.

    LED Shoes

    Light Emitting Diode is used for many applications, such as different small and big projects, like world biggest LED project in Abu Dhabi, which is realy beautiful, but here we talk about a new small but beautiful LED project, which is LED Shoe.

    It is realy beautiful Decorative Shoe, there are few angles of shoes we provide for you.

    That is image when we switch off the LEDs. You look easly there are many LEDs used for complete this project. The size of shoe is 3 feet, and assembled by a Japanese footwear. company.

    Electronic Gadget Fossils

    That is realy interesting to see that gadget, its not realy electronics gadget, its fossils of electronic gadget, which are look good and wonderful.

    The fossils have been made using electronic gadgets shaped . The gadgets that were used include a Playstation joysticks, an iPod music player, a rotated telephone, a flash drive and a computer floppy disc, and so on other ojectives.

    Sunday, December 20, 2009

    Flashing Computer Case

    Few years ago Computer Casing was so simple, in which ATX and Desktob simple shape casing, but now a days Computer Casing is consist of fashionable and flashing materials, below the some different kind of Computer Casing, which are most beauitiful casing of Computer…..Enjoy it…

    A Computer Case is also known as a Computer Chassis, Cabinet, Box, Tower, and so on.. It is the enclosure that contains the main parts of a personal computer. CPU was a more common term in the earlier days of home computers, when peripherals other than the motherboard were usually

    in their own separate cases.

    The construction of CPU is usually consist of steel , aluminium, or plastic, although other materials such as wood, Plexiglas, and Lego blocks have also used as a computer casing.

    Great LED Project

    The Light Emitted Diode ( LED ) used as diffetrent lighting projects, but here we introduced the World Largest LED Project.

    Abu Dhabi has the largest LED project in whole the world. Created with more than 5,300 diamond shaped panels outside the whole building and over 5,000 LED fixtures inside, the magnificent structure can display low res three dimensional images.

    Its realy outstanding beautiful and great develoment, so next time planning a holiday, you may have a trip to Abu Dhabi…

    The Great Biggest LED Project

    Wednesday, December 16, 2009

    MP3 Shoes

    Every one likes to enjoy with music, that cause we purchas different kind of music player, now a days a lot of music player available in electronics market, as like iPod player, MP3 players, stereo player, a lot of variety available in market, but here we talking about a new electronics development , The MP3 Shoes. We provid some snaps of Mp3 Shoes becouse we know that you can’t believe that, how it possible, that’s realy good, latest fashionable electronics development. So enjoy it.

    It consists of CD-Rom, speakers, tweeters, and a volume control.

    The function is that, however, if you want to change tracks or anything like that, you would have to reach down to the controls which is located on the tongue of the shoes. Not exactly practical. To load up songs onto your “kicks”, you also simply attach it to your personal computer by help of USB. Battery life is very good approximately six hours of play per charge, and storage capacity is not exactly that store “up to 100 songs”. So, that’s 512MB or 256MB, depending on whether it supports WMA or other formats.

    Tuesday, December 15, 2009

    LED T Shirts

    Every people either whose young generation or mature, all peoples likes new development, All companies likes to develop some thing new to customer, So that’s way now we introduced a new product whose belong to apparel but electronics is also included, whats that? That is LED T Shirt. Its realy good new development for youth and also every person. Given below the snaps of LED t shirts, also its function.

    Above T Shirt just only for display on garment shop.

    Above snap is provide a little information about, how the LED swing on T Shirt.

    There is of course an on/off switch for the display but you can control the speed of the text scrolling and the brightness of the LEDs as well. It’s not a ‘magic’ soft, textile or foil display just a conventional one used in many old fashion box devices. Not really Wearable Electronic but …. the T-Shirts are designed to give the display a secure and highly visible place.

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