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    Wednesday, December 16, 2009

    MP3 Shoes

    Every one likes to enjoy with music, that cause we purchas different kind of music player, now a days a lot of music player available in electronics market, as like iPod player, MP3 players, stereo player, a lot of variety available in market, but here we talking about a new electronics development , The MP3 Shoes. We provid some snaps of Mp3 Shoes becouse we know that you can’t believe that, how it possible, that’s realy good, latest fashionable electronics development. So enjoy it.

    It consists of CD-Rom, speakers, tweeters, and a volume control.

    The function is that, however, if you want to change tracks or anything like that, you would have to reach down to the controls which is located on the tongue of the shoes. Not exactly practical. To load up songs onto your “kicks”, you also simply attach it to your personal computer by help of USB. Battery life is very good approximately six hours of play per charge, and storage capacity is not exactly that store “up to 100 songs”. So, that’s 512MB or 256MB, depending on whether it supports WMA or other formats.


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