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    Tuesday, December 15, 2009

    LED T Shirts

    Every people either whose young generation or mature, all peoples likes new development, All companies likes to develop some thing new to customer, So that’s way now we introduced a new product whose belong to apparel but electronics is also included, whats that? That is LED T Shirt. Its realy good new development for youth and also every person. Given below the snaps of LED t shirts, also its function.

    Above T Shirt just only for display on garment shop.

    Above snap is provide a little information about, how the LED swing on T Shirt.

    There is of course an on/off switch for the display but you can control the speed of the text scrolling and the brightness of the LEDs as well. It’s not a ‘magic’ soft, textile or foil display just a conventional one used in many old fashion box devices. Not really Wearable Electronic but …. the T-Shirts are designed to give the display a secure and highly visible place.


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