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    Sunday, December 20, 2009

    Flashing Computer Case

    Few years ago Computer Casing was so simple, in which ATX and Desktob simple shape casing, but now a days Computer Casing is consist of fashionable and flashing materials, below the some different kind of Computer Casing, which are most beauitiful casing of Computer…..Enjoy it…

    A Computer Case is also known as a Computer Chassis, Cabinet, Box, Tower, and so on.. It is the enclosure that contains the main parts of a personal computer. CPU was a more common term in the earlier days of home computers, when peripherals other than the motherboard were usually

    in their own separate cases.

    The construction of CPU is usually consist of steel , aluminium, or plastic, although other materials such as wood, Plexiglas, and Lego blocks have also used as a computer casing.


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