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    Sunday, December 13, 2009

    MP3 Player Sunglasses

    That article belong to Electronic MP3 Player Sunglasses which was introduced in 2004.

    As a new generation people, stylish and fashion is must necessary. We need to identity ourselves with something new and energetic that can show us. Today digital electronics is a good choice. But the mp3 player & mp4 player is too simple, and they are looks all the same design. So many MP3 music players are out there to choose from at the moment and because of this many companies are trying to come up with different and original designs for their MP3 players. Many people are starting to want something different rather than the very popular iPod players that so many people have and one of these very unique ideas is the MP3 player with Sunglasses that have been released. These are 1 GB Bluetooth MP3 sunglasses that have adjustable and very comfortable headphones or earphones attached to sunglasses. The controls for these glasses are situated on the arms so you can easily choose the volume and also which tracks you would like to listen to, all of this with just the glasses and no extra controls.


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